About - Rutherford Hill History

About - Rutherford Hill History

Family History & Philosophy

Discover how the Terlato family became world-class winery owners and vintners.

History & Philosophy

About - Meet the Terlato Family

About - Meet the Terlato Family
Anthony, Bill, and John at the Vineyard

Meet the Terlato Family

The Terlato name is synonymous with quality. This regard was built through more than 70 years of shaping the luxury wine business in the United States.

Importers, marketers and producers of some of the world’s finest wines, the Terlatos are a four generation American wine dynasty.

Learn more about Anthony Terlato, Bill Terlato, and John Terlato.

About - Photo Gallery

About - Photo Gallery
Tony and Robert Mondavi at the launch of Mondavi Wines

Photo Galleries

Browse photograph collections of the following:

  • Historical photos of Tony and the family over the years.
  • Our beautifuly vineyards.

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