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Simonit & Sirch Friuli winemakers

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Meet Marco Simonit & Pierpaolo Sirch, our highly acclaimed Friuli winemakers.

The Friuli Difference

Learn how Simonit & Sirch's unique pruning methods have revolutionized the future of Pinot Grigio.

Family recipe Pairing

Enjoy Friuli Pinot Grigio with a recipe from the Terlato family.

Taste is the Difference

Terlato Vineyards

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Innovative pioneer of quality with a modern approach

Commercial with a focus on quantity

Best region: Friuli Colli OrientaliSecondary regions
Handcrafted start to finishMass produced commercial brands
Estate grown and bottled fruit, only the finest selectionsCo-op or purchased fruit and bulk wine sourcing
Hillside vineyardsValley vineyards
Marl and schist soils - low nutrient, rockyFertile valley soils
Old Vines, average of 20-30 yearsYoung vines, non-homogenous
R6 Clone: Smaller berries, looser bunchesClones focused towards high volume, large grape size
Guyot-trained vines, farmed with the Simonit & Sirch methodsCommercial agriculture with a focus on low costs
Low yields (3 tons/acre)High yields (up to 10 tons/acre)
Hand harvested, several passes through each rowMachine harvested
Darker bottle: protects wine qualityClear bottle: harms wine quality
Concentrated and complexLight and crisp

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Friuli Pinot Grigio

Tony Terlato is known around the world as the "Father of Pinot Grigio," having introduced the varietal to U.S. consumers in 1979. Now, the Terlato family has partnered with renowned Italian viticulturalists, Marco Simonit and Pierpaolo Sirch, to launch a new Terlato Pinot Grigio from the Colli Orientali region of Friuli - Italy's most respected area for fine white wines.

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